The increasing number of diseases requiring surgical intervention are escalating leading to increase in demand of surgical drainage devices in hospitals, clinics and outpatient surgical centers. Drainage devices are used in cardio thorax surgery, neurosurgical procedures, orthopedic surgery, and abdominal surgery. The global increase in musculoskeletal diseases, arthritis, and osteoporosis has led to an increase in the number of surgeries performed, which has also led to an increase in the use of these devices. For instance, in 2017, according to the WHO,

during the forecast period (2020-2025). The rising prevalence of chronic diseases has led to an increase in demand for the surgical drainage devices. For instance, according to the WHO, deaths due to chronic diseases contributed to 56 million deaths (60%) in 2001 and is expected to increase by 57% in 2020. This factor may bring good growth opportunities for the surgical drainage devices market during the forecast period. Another factor that contributes to growth is the increase in smoking and alcohol consumption, which has led to the rise in cancer-related surgery. The majority of these surgeries involve the use of these devices to effectively remove fluid and air accumulation at the surgical site