Social media streaming has revolutionized the way that creators connect with their fan bases. Unfortunately, though, many creators feel limited when using Facebook Live and Instagram Live because these broadcast platforms aren’t as customizable as other social media options are. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive alternative to broadcasting content on this popular social network, there’s no better time than now to look for Best Streaming Software For Twitch and youtube, or any other social media platform.

Our Techbrew team put together a list of top streaming software options in 2022 which you can use to get the most out of your streaming efforts moving forward.


Tips for Essential Streaming Setup

Aspects of an streaming setup are very similar to broadcast systems in place for radio, TV or internet. However, the technology involved is constantly evolving and there are many notable developments that have changed our spherical viewing habits.

Although elements can be altered to some degree, we still have a basic template of five pieces—camera, encoder, server/server software (encoding), CDN (Content Distribution Network) and streaming software. Encoding is the process that data goes through before it’s sent out through the internet to be viewed on something like a mobile phone or television screen.

  1. High Quality audio/video source
  2. Good Quality capture card
  3. Perfect encoder
  4. Stable internet connection
  5. Light weight Streaming service / Software

Why is encoding so important? It ensures the free live stream plays properly and viewers experience uninterrupted entertainment throughout!