Teenagers Choose Special Girl’s Jewelry Boxes

When it comes to girls jewelry boxes, teenage girls really have different sorts of taste. Ballerina jewelry boxes are just not appropriate for most of them. Therefore, when you search for jewelry boxes for your older girls, you should be a little more artsy.

Overstock offers some beautiful styles of for the older girl. There is a Hand-Painted Butterfly/Flower Black Lacquer Box that a lot of teenage girls would just adore. Item No. 11095814 is a beautiful, feminine hand-crafted box with an Eastern flare. The inside has a beautiful mirrored lid with red velvet padding. Any teenage girl would love this.

Another Overstock favorite among teenaged girls is the Handmade Black Lacquer Etched Jewelry Box. This particular one is Item No. 10547791. With its beautiful ornate style, there are etched purple flowers and green foliage over the lid and sides. This trinket box opens up with a separate lid.

Sam's Club sells beautiful ones as well. One of the boxes they sell that teenage girls just adore is the Ashley Love Teen Jewelry Box. This particular one can double as a travel case. Soft terry cloth with leather trim, this beautiful one is loved by all. It has a mock leather liner with two drawers for jewelry trinkets. Both the front and back are embroidered, and this is a design that most teenagers today just love.

If you go to Jewelry Box Shopper, they have a beautiful black faux leather case. Their Black Faux Leather Oval Jewelry Case is magnificent! It is oval shaped and both sides pull open to reveal smaller cases/drawers inside. This is a classy, elegant style that teenage girls will really like. It is clean and has a carrying handle. When it comes to girls jewelry boxes, this one is quite nice.

When purchasing a jewelry box or case for your teenaged girl, you need to keep in mind they most of them don't like "cute". They want trendy, classy and bold. You can find a lot of jewelry boxes everywhere, but if the store doesn't cater to teens, you might have trouble finding girls jewelry boxes they like.

Search through the sites and stores that cater to teenagers and college students. You will find more of what your teen wants in those stores than anywhere else. Further, if you want something they will keep for a lifetime, make it something that matches their style.

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